What I Think Of the Pandoras Box System

There is a whole world of men out there who have no clue how to attract a woman. Everything they try to do ends up backfiring or resulting in heavy, constant embarrassment that inevitably results in them giving up on the hopes of getting a woman. There is now a website that goes by the name of Pandora’s Box that is dedicated to giving hopeless men advice on how to lure women to them with little or no effort involved.

Pandoras Box claims to have all the steps, shortcuts, and tricks to getting a woman to fall for a man down to an exact science. The website content depicts the needs of different women, from first impressions down to how to tell what a certain woman is expecting in the bedroom. If you are one of those unfortunate men that seem to never know what to say to a woman during your first encounter, Pandora’s Box (explained more at this site here) may be the solution to your questions, concerns, and insecurities.

Some of the information that Pandora’s Box offers in regards to women are what they prefer in a man, whether or not they are easy pickings, or more of a challenge. Their science concludes that the majority of women prefer a man that present a challenge for her. If a man is obviously over available for the taking, more than likely the woman will walk away; desperation is not an attractive feature in a man’s personality. Pandora’s Box suggests that if a man should make it known that she is not the only cookie in the jar, the woman will be attracted to the idea of beating all other competition.

Pandora’s Box also discusses how women like to be touched in a certain way when engaging in a flirtatious conversation with a man that may qualify to be her new catch. If a man does not know how to engage in a flirtatious conversation with a woman of interest without tripping over his words, or taking up all of her space then they might as well walk away before they can cause themselves more shame. Women prefer men who let them do most of the talking while they stand there and listen. Pandora’s Box suggests making light contact by touching her shoulder or her hand when agreeing with whatever she says.

You will also find a ton of advise about how to steal women away from their men, what not to do with younger women, how to know when to compliment her by literally speaking or telling her with your eyes, etc. If you are a man who really needs a bible on women, this is the place to get everything you need.

As I explored the web content of Pandora’s Box and read through most of the advise topics that they have for men, I can say that I really think this online business has something going for them. There are men everywhere who do not know what they are doing in terms of flirting, holding a conversation, touching, and sex. I have experienced these misfortunes several times throughout my dating years, and I have to say that I think this website would be great for the clueless type of men.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to sit through a conversation with a strange man who obviously has no clue what he is doing. They talk about subjects that you have no interest in, and don’t give you any time to speak for yourself. That is a very big turn off for me; I would prefer to engage in a mutual conversation where both the man and the woman can speak amicably without running each other over.

I would highly recommend this site to any and all men out there who have run out of corny tricks and turns that end up getting them no where. Pandora’s Box knows what women want, what they crave, what they need, and what they will inevitably go after. If advise from your family and friends, as well as your own ideas for attracting women have not yet worked out for you in a positive way, then reality is they probably never will. This website offers all the insight a man needs to truly attract a woman to him for more than just a few minutes. I wish some of the men I have dated were fortunate enough to find this site, I probably would have stayed with them a lot longer. Just try it!

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Some Truth About Natural Male Enhancement

Natural male enhancement has been the subject of a great deal of discussion and debate in recent years. A nearly endless array of pills, devices and supplements have hit the market with dozens of companies touting their product as the best. In the midst of this marketing frenzy, some men have become skeptical of the claims of these companies. Rather than using pharmaceutical drugs or devices, these men have turned towards a more wholesome and natural approach to male enhancement. The use of natural vitamins and healthy foods for male enhancement is proving to be a popular alternative to manufactured medicines and contraptions.

Blood circulation: Red = oxygenated Blue = deo...

Blood circulation: Red = oxygenated Blue = deoxygenated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A preference for natural, healthy and organic food has also become a very popular trend for many people, including men who want to improve their sexual performance (this has created a large amount of sites that claim to have the solution (for example: this site or this site). Not only can certain foods heighten arousal and increase libido, healthy foods can lead to an overall improvement in total physical health. As with almost every physical activity, peak body conditioning can significantly boost the satisfaction derived from intimate moments. Of course, nearly any type of healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables, can encourage major progress towards bodily fitness. However, some foods are better than others when it comes to enhancing male performance.

Some of the best foods for natural male enhancement are various types of fruit. Not only is fruit great for improving health, the vitamins that fruit contains have a direct impact on sexual performance. Perhaps the best vitamin for this purpose is vitamin C. Vitamin C primarily affects sexual performance by increasing and improving circulation of the blood. When a greater amount of oxygenated blood reaches the male sexual organs, the chance of erectile dysfunction significantly decreases. Also, erections are firmer and longer lasting with enhanced blood flow. Vitamin C is found in great abundance in citrus fruits such as oranges and pineapples. It is also found in green peppers cabbage.

Seafood is another great male enhancement food. Some types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have been proven to improve the health and function of the heart. Because the heart is the primary means by which blood is distributed throughout the body, any improvements in the heart will be good for enriching blood and augmenting natural blood circulation. As with vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids support healthy blood flow in the sexual organs, leading to better erections and heightened libido. Additionally, these acids have shown to aid in the prevention of prostate cancer. Fish that contain these acids include tuna, salmon and halibut.

Natural herbs are also a fantastic source of natural vitamins that boost health and sexual stamina, along with providing male enhancement such as these listed five facts. Herbs are full of very high amounts of healthful vitamins and, when taken in combination with healthy foods, deliver a potent dose of libidinous improvement. These herbs can be conveniently found in tablet or supplement form at many health food stores and can also be obtained in plant or leaf form directly from organic growers. Either option can deliver benefits; the choice of the preferred form is left to the customer’s discretion.

Ginkgo is a very popular natural herb that is used to treat a wide variety of ailments. This herb has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine practices and is widely renowned for a wide variety of health benefits. Ginkgo can improve clarity of thought and enhance cognition. This can help men to lessen anxiety in the bedroom and to achieve greater focus on their partner. Both of these benefits can significantly decrease stress and thereby reduce the chance of erectile dysfunction. Ginkgo also helps to regulate circulation and facilitate better stamina and long-lasting, firm erections.

There are literally hundreds of foods and natural vitamins that can provide natural male enhancement. These foods and vitamins also contribute to the benefits of exercise and diet plans. Proper exercise and diet are the keys to enhanced sexual performance. Rather than relying on expensive pharmaceutical drugs with many side effects or mysterious, chemical-laden supplements advertised on TV, natural vitamins and wholesome foods deliver great results in a healthy fashion. By following the natural approach, men face less risk to their health as long as they follow the instructions of a physician. With the widespread availability of natural foods and vitamins, any man can experience male enhancement the safe, healthy way.

Why I Think Mortal Kombat is The Best Game Ever

Mortal Kombat (why it was spelled with a K instead of a C was never really revealed) is a game that holds a place in video game history similar to the one that Rambo holds in film. The first game, the original Mortal Kombat, was gory, shocking and filled with a rough edged brutality that other fighting games had only played at. It was rare to see opponents die in one on one fighters, and it was unheard of to see their heads ripped off, innards frozen and shattered, or your opponent struck by lightning and burned to a crisp. It was a unique combination of solid graphics and rampant carnage that hadn’t been seen before.

However, also like one of film’s most dangerous former special forces soldier, the company tried to keep the series going long after the charm of the original had worn off. Just as John Rambo went from a skulking predator with a knife to a human tank with a machine gun for a right arm, so Mortal Kombat went from something unique to a splatter punk series filled with gore that was meant to cover up the increasingly shaky story line. They added more characters, more dimensions, and they even had crossover games with DC Comics characters, but it didn’t always get close to that original thrill ride.

Mortal Kombat character selection screen.

Mortal Kombat character selection screen, showing Kano and Sub-Zero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is not to say that Mortal Kombat as a series hasn’t had good games since the original flagship title. Whenever technology and graphics got updated, Mortal Kombat was there to take advantage of it. Enhanced character designs and 3D fighting arenas did, eventually take over from (and even get close to the unique feels of) the photo realistic characters that we saw in the first game. So while many of the latter games were fun, entertaining, or boasted a lot more features they never quite measure up to the original, in much the same way that many other games never measure up to the classic Mortal Kombat. But why is that? What is so special about this one on one fighting game from the 1990s that makes it a viable game, even in today’s highly advanced gaming market?

Well, there are a few things, aside from the stamp of being a classic game against which latter games are going to be compared and judged. First, it was unique among fighting games in that it spawned a dynasty of sequels that only Street Fighter has really managed to compete with. Mortal Kombat also had a straightforward, but epic storyline that ensured you never really questioned why you were fighting. You weren’t after reputation or some obscure quest for vengeance; you were fighting for the fate of the entire world. Period.

Aside from the simple, straightforward plot the game had, the cast of characters was so varied as to be almost ludicrous without actually crossing that line into parody. Whether you chose the thunder god or the martial arts action movie star, the ice ninja or the special forces operative you had a unique story to follow and a unique ending to achieve. Each character was well written and straight forward, and other games that tried to recreate the better points of Mortal Kombat, like Killer Instinct, tried to duplicate this feature. The combinations were simple, the effects impressive, and the game was filled with secret ways to tear your opponent apart limb from limb. There were the individual fatalities for each character, and then there were the arena specific fatalities like the spike pit. In fact, the idea of the fatality is one of the reasons why Mortal Kombat is the best game ever; it planted the seed for this particular idea in later generations of video games.

In short, Mortal Kombat is one of those games that came along with just the right combination of graphics and innovation at a time when gamers were really looking hard for the next best thing to come along. Today it’s a classic game that, while it might not be able to go toe to toe on sheer graphics, still holds nostalgic value along with its status as a wise elder that helped to make modern video games what they are.

Damashi History

Damashi, an avatar for Onaga the Dragon King, is a master of disguise and deceit and has the sole goal of deceiving Shujinko into doing what he wants, which in this case is gathering up the Kamidogu for the Dragon King.

Onaga, the Dragon King, was the first ruler of Outworld and even thought he is long dead, the goal of his spiritual essence was to regain the throne and achieve eternal life.

He falsely portrayed himself as an agent of the Elder Gods for time eternal and was thus able to manipulate Shujinko into doing what he wanted with ease.

We first learn about Damashi in Mortal Kombat: Deception. We see Damashi appear right when Shujinko begins his search to find the Kamidogu.

An unmasked Shao Kahn, as depicted in the offi...

An unmasked Shao Kahn, as depicted in the official Mortal Kombat II comic book by John Tobias (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently, Damashi, a spirit, approached Shujinko and told him that the Elder Gods had directed Damashi to locate a fearless and strong mortal to help them complete a dangerous, daunting task.

When Damashi told Shujinko of his directive from the Elder Gods and that he believed Shujinko was just the mortal the Elder Gods had been seeking, Shujinko agreed to the quest with relish.

In order to fulfill this quest, Damashi, who in reality was only an apparition, imbued Shujinko with magical abilities that would allow Shujinko to obtain the Kombat skills of the warriors he encountered during his journey and mission.

Shujinko soon learned that the quest, the task the Elder Gods has supposedly set forth for him involved rounding up the Kamidogu.

Kamidogu, which stems from the Japanese word “god tool” are created by the Elder Gods and are believed to hold amazing power when used magically. These relics are said to hold the essence from the realm they are from. The Kamidogu’s powers are believed to be potent enough to destroy everything that exists. That is why those on the side of good want to fiercely preventing the Kamidogu from landing in evil hands.

Each Kamidogu reflected the nature of the realm, which it was from. For instance, Edenia’s Kamidogu, like the realm it is from, has a serene countenance. Netherealm’s sinister nature was apparent in its Kamidogu and so on.

Shujinko’s mission was to round up Kamidogu of Edenia, Outworld, Orderrealm, Chaosrealm, Earthrealm, and Netherealm.

Shujinko began his quest with gusto but in reality, it took dozens of years for him to round up all the Kamidogu from Edenia, Outworld, Orderrealm, Chaosrealm, Earthrealm, and Netherealm.

All the time he did this, he still believed that Damashi was an agent of the Elder Gods.

Dozens of years later, which is how long it took for him to journey to all the realms and round up all the Kamidogu, Shujinko made plans to celebrate his victory and success by presenting all the Kamidogu he had found in a ceremony at Nexus where the Elder Gods would praise him for his earnest and successful efforts in such a daunting quest.

As the holder of all six Kamidogu, Shujinko had the power to travel through portal to all the different realms and to gain access to the Nexus

Before he was able to do this, he had an encounter with Onaga, the Dragon King, who in essence was a spirit. For in reality, the Dragon King had been killed long, long ago, cut down by Shao Kahn. Even though the Dragon King Onaga was dead, he still yielded the power to appear as an ethereal spirit, a specter, through his avatar, Damashi.

Of course, for the many, many years Shujinko labored to gather the six Kamidogu of Edenia, Outworld, Orderrealm, Chaosrealm, Earthrealm, and Netherealm, he fearlessly embarked on what he believed was a righteous quest for the Elder Gods, never suspecting the evil, cunning deceptive plot contrived by Onaga.

The veil was brutally lifted from his eyes when Onaga intercepted Shujinko on his way to present the six Kamidogu to the Elder Gods at Nexus.

The Dragon King, Onaga, revealed himself to Shujinko and unveiled the details of his dishonest plot before gathering the Kamidogu to himself and fleeing to the Outworld. There, with the power of the Kamidogu in his hands, he resumed his position of lord of that realm and took the throne. His evil plans included harnessing the Kamidogu to transform the realm and create an Outworld made in his own image.

Shattered but not daunted by the enormous deceptive plot he had been victim to, Shujinko resolved to use all his power to thwart Onaga’s dangerous plans no matter what it took.

With all the resolve that it took to gather the six Kamidogu, Shujinko was ultimately able to defeat Onaga.

Although he found enormous success in his efforts, Shujinko did not at the time know there was a seventh Kamidogu that was even more powerful than all of the other six Kamidogu’s and held the key to the universe.